The Plate

Whether maintaining your health goals, trying to lose weight or just being mindful about healthy eating, Plate Loss is a winning match. With an innovative design and high-quality materials, it is easy to incorporate this dish into your meal time routine.

How It Works

Plate Loss is so easy to use! Just place Plate Loss on top of a standard dinner dish and it will drain the excess oils, grease and fats from your meal. This way you can still get all the flavor from your meal, without unwanted calories!

Place Plate Loss

Plate Loss fits over most standard sized dishes. Simply set yours on top, centrally positioning to the best fit. Nothing else is required.

Serve Your Meal

Stack food on your plate and get ready to enjoy your meal. Any food items that have excess grease or fat on them will naturally separate on their own.

Eat and Enjoy

As you eat, greases and fats will fall through the precision crafted slot and holes. Enjoy your meal and when you’re done, remove Plate Loss and the unwanted extras are left on the plate below.

The Benefits

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could instantly cut down on calories? Wouldn’t it be better if you could do so with the help of a simple device, rather than changing the way you cook, your diet or anything else? We thought so and for this reason, let us introduce Plate Loss, the easiest way to reduce calories without any additional effort.

Eat Healthier

We all know that fat and grease are bad for you, but who knew that eating healthier could be as easy as this? Similar to the George Foreman Grill, the Plate Loss allows for those extra calories to drain away from your meal without reducing the taste or flavor.

Simple to Use

Plate Loss is designed to fit right on top of a standard size plate that you would normally have in your kitchen. It is durable and easy to clean too, which is a nice bonus.

Reduce Caloric Intake

Without any extra effort on your part, Plate Loss can help to reduce up to 250 calories from each meal, depending on what you are eating. No need for blotting grease away, it can drip off your plate.

Cut Calories Without the Effort

On average, an ounce of oil equates to an extra 250 calories. With Plate Loss you can feasibly cut out up to 750 calories a day from your diet. This could equate to up to 6 pounds a month by simply changing the dishes you use with your meal.

Dishwasher Safe

Created with durable material, you can place it in the top section of your dishwasher. This means that you can treat it like you would any other unbreakable plastic or ceramic dish in your kitchen.

Lose Weight Without Effort

There are loads of ways to lose weight, but few are so simple as changing up the dishes that you use to present your meal on. If you use Plate Loss with every meal, you increase the effectiveness towards your weight management goals.

  • Heavy duty plastic construction will hold up against the most routine of use.
  • Edged lip help to form fit on your plate, to help keep it secure and your food where it belongs.
  • Ideally Placed slats and grooves direct the grease onto the plate underneath and off of your food!
  • IPlateLoss is microwave and dishware safe
  • Lose weight without even trying thanks to the smart pinhole placemens..

The Colors of Plate Loss

Plate Loss comes in Three Colors
Did you know that the color of your plate can make a difference on how much you eat? It’s true and if you want to see the science, check out this study from Cornell

White Plate

White plates are best paired with dark colored foods such as red meat, tuna steaks, dark greens, and chocolate desserts. The contrast helps to create the illusion of a fuller plate and can be beneficial in weight loss.

Gray Plate

A standard color, best paired with light colored foods and ideal for black plates. Whereas contrasting foods show to cause food to look fuller, matching the background of your plate (so in this case, the charger or underplate) can help you eat less.

Blue Plate

There are very few blue snacks or meals, so it is difficult to find a matching food. This means that almost all foods are contrasting to this Plate Loss color selection. As a bonus, blue is a common color to match with and in the shade we have chosen, it is easy to maximize your weight loss goals.


Don’t take our word.Listen to what medical doctors and
actual users have to say.

Actual PlateLoss Users
Dr.Robert Setari
Bariatric Specialist
Dr.Stefanie Feldman
Certifed Plastic Surgeon

Plate Loss Up Close

With Plate Loss you can eat your favorite foods, without the need for tedious dieting or back-breaking workouts.

  • Easy to use
  • Reduces calories
  • Nothing extra needed
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits with most dinnerware plates

Another Great Dr. Slim Product

The Marz family has seen success in the health industry with both their 6 Day Weight Loss Clinics and then their line of health sprays that were featured on Shark Tank in 2012. They won a deal from the show and by mid-2013 their healthy sprays hit 10,000 retail stores including not only thousands of independent retail stores but also in Walmart and Walgreens. Plate Loss is another win for their health goals.

Meet the Plate Loss Team

Meet the motivators behind Plate Loss!

Keith Marz


Brandon Marz


Dr. Robert Setari

Certified Bariatric Specialist

Technical Advisor

Dr. Stefanie Feldman

Certified Plastic Surgeon

Technical Advisor

Time Line of Plate Loss

Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

We will continue to add dates to the time line as they happen, so that you can watch our progress!


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

How does it work?

Plate Loss is simple and easy to use. You just place the groove-and-pinhole plate on top of a base plate, where all the grease and oils are collected, then dish out a plateful and revel in the delicious...


Can I use PlateLoss all of the time?

Certainly, well at least for solid foods. Whether you are eating meat off of the grill, pasta or food with gravy, PlateLoss is up to the challenge. The only thing that it doesn’t work with is liquid...


What makes PlateLoss Work?

The holes and slots through the plate are placed in a way that will maximize the expulsion of grease and fat from your plate. Along the ridge of the slots there is a slight groove that acts as an funnel for the liquid..,


Will PlateLoss work with ANY plate that I set it on?

As long as the plate is at least larger than the holes, yes. Technically, PlateLoss is 12 inches around, but the holes and grooves only go out for 10 inches. Beyond that, there is a slight slope and then the lip of the plate.


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